LAG organizes a Perseids Meteor Shower Observing Night on Aug 12/13

The Lebanese Astronomy Group - LAG is organizing an event on Thursday August 12/Friday August 13 night. The event focuses on the Perseids meteor shower which peaks at this nigh. Depending on logistics, there will also be a general observing of some targets before or after the shower observation. This will include a tour of the night sky with the un-aided eyes & a close up view of some targets using telescopes & possibly binoculars.


  • Gathering & Departure:
  1. Transportation means: Bus
  2. Gathering point: Ain El-Mreisseh, facing McDonalds (possible other points: to be determined &/or confirmed)
  3. Departure Time: 1100 hrs sharp - Thursday Aug 12
  • Event location & Arrival:
  1. Location of event: Pieste Warde, Ouyoun El-Simane
  2. Time (expected) of arrival to the event location: 0100 hrs - Fri August 13
  3. Meteor shower observing: 0230 ~ 0430 hrs - Fri August 13
  4. Snacks & Drinks: 0430 ~ 0530 hrs max
  • Return Trip:
  1. Departure from event location: 0530 ~ 0630 hrs
  2. Back to gathering point: 0730 ~ 0800 hrs
  • Fees (covers transportation, snacks & drinks):
  1. LAG members*: 15,000 L.L.
  2. Non-members*: 20,0000 L.L.

*In case you are not a member & would like to become one & benefit from discounted rates or at-cost events & other member-privileges of the Lebanese Astronomy Group - LAG, you can become a member by following the instructions on the "Membership Application" page, where you can also read the Constitution & Bylaws of the LAG. LAG Membership fee is: 30,000 L.L. per annum.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you've never been to this location before, specially at this time of the night & day & even if its mid-summer, it is guaranteed that you will get very cold. Take it as an advice from someone who went more than a couple of time & with his first being in a thin summer shirt. Dress in layers as if (as it will be) winter time. I stress this more than once because of the type of event we are up to. We will be lying down on the ground with our body at its lowest activity level, which brings me to another note: get some blanket (I personally will be getting my military-based sleeping bag) with you to lie on. Perseus (where the radiant will be & hence where the meteors "seem" to come from) will be nearly overhead. And don't forget to dress up in layers below your coat & maybe getting an extra layer in case, which will do no harm, contrary to a flu or possible frost bite.

Moreover, if you're on facebook the LAG would be delighted if you could show up on the event page & the LAG's official group.

Note: This page is not official. Any changes may be done to this page without prior notice. For the official event page(s), please visit:

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