Venus Transit (2012): Some collected images

Here are my images of the transit. They are not great the setting was not appropriate for astroimaging as I was participating in a public observing event.
I was able to catch these images in between observers:

Through my cams' zoom only!
You can see Venus in the upper centre!
Telescope eyepiece view @ 85x

Saida, Al Janoub; astroZ

Now here are some of the collected images from different sources:

Venus Transit 2012
Lavon, Texas, US by Robert Hensley

Venus Transit at Sunset
West Edgemar, Pacifica, CA, US; AGrinberg
Transit of Venus
Reykjavik, Iceland; Geirix

SDO's Ultra-high Definition View of 2012 Venus Transit - 304 Angstrom
Image credit: JAXA/NASA/Lockheed Martin

Other impressive images can be found at:

Thanks for reading :)


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