Earth Hour 2012 -Lebanon

Dear reader,

This post serves as a simple notification about the coming Earth Hour 2012. Lebanon participated in Earth Hour in the year 2010 & it was a great success: https://sites.google.com/site/astrobobgroup/Home/alerts/reminderearthhour-helpearthagainstglobalwarminglightpollution

I am not sure about last year & its statistics, but the important thing is to concentrate on this year.

As a quick reminder, Earth Hour is project to spread awareness among the inhabitants of Earth to two consequences of uncontrolled light: global warming & light pollution.


New feature: Readability


I am glad to announce that each new post will include a Readability bar at the top of each post just below the title. You can use Readability to convert a post or website into a nice reading page with no ads or distractions, or you can email, print or send to your kindle to read later.

Check it out & Happy reading :D